The Verge: Phil Spencer shows the design of the new Xbox hardware dedicated to streaming

The Verge: Phil Spencer shows the design of the new Xbox hardware dedicated to streaming

Phil Spencer knows that his bookshelf is the go-to for Xbox fans. The manager has not wasted the opportunity to make a relevant nod to the next step of the division in its catalog of devices. According to The Verge, the small white piece that appears in his last photo corresponds to the future Xbox model dedicated to the video game through the cloud.

What will the next Xbox dedicated to streaming be like?

Tom Warren, a renowned journalist from The Verge, explains that Keystone (the code name of this streaming console) has undergone some modifications. Its appearance is inspired by the Xbox Series S model, only with a long and thin shape. Although initially it was thought that it would be Fire Stick style, that is, connecting it directly to the HDMI port, Warren points out that it will be in the form of a box that is attached in some way to your television.

This change in focus is not new. Last May it was Microsoft that publicly shared its intentions with this console: “We are working on a gaming device through the cloud, with a code name Keystone, which can be connected to your TV or monitor without the need for a console. As part of any technology journey, we are constantly evaluating our efforts, analyzing our learning, and ensuring that we are bringing quality to our customers. We have made the decision to pivot away from the current version of Keystone,” a company spokesperson told Windows Central.

In addition to including common entertainment applications like Netflix, the operating system will display “a light user interface” which will serve to launch Xbox games, including those of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. It has not transpired at this time what the price it points to will be, the markets it will reach or on what date it will do so. What is clear is that the next Xbox model this generation will go directly to streaming.

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