They filter how much Halo Infinite will weigh on the Xbox platform



Halo Infinite, the long-awaited game from 343 Industries, will possibly be released later this year, since, as we have seen in different reports, its developers say they are on the right track in development.

Although, from 343 Industries they have constantly provided information, so far no technical details have been given, however, regarding the Xbox platform, it seems that how much space we will require on our consoles for Halo Infinite has been leaked.

According to what they have found in Altchar, an image of the Xbox store in Brazil would have been leaked, where we can clearly see how much Halo Infinite will weigh on consoles, which will occupy the not inconsiderable space of 81.5 GB, which according to the same medium this would correspond only to the main adventure of Master Chief.

343 Industries has mentioned that Halo Infinite will be Master Chief’s longest adventure to date, so this amount of space required makes some sense with that.

It is not clear if this space will be assigned only for Xbox Series X | S or if that space will also have to be had on Xbox One, a version that is still in “we will see” within the information that Microsoft has given, but that is trusted that can come as well.

It will be necessary to see in some more time, that according to another leak, Halo Infinite should be released next November 9although we will have to be vigilant, since it could be an error within the same Microsoft networks.

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