this monstrous watch is 150 euros off, Qualcomm brain and two screens

This high-end watch, the one we recommend the most, can be yours for about 150 euros thanks to Amazon’s offer.

What madness: this monstrous watch is 150 euros off, Qualcomm brain and two screens

If you often read Andro4all offers, you already know that the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS it’s one of our favorite high-end smartwatches. There are many qualities of this model, among which we can highlight its Qualcomm processor, its two screens and NFC technology. Another very positive feature of the smartwatch is that its price often sinks, for example, now you can buy it on Amazon for only 153 eurosjust before Prime Day.

To know the importance of the offer, it is necessary to mention that this TicWatch Pro 3 GPS has a recommended retail price of 299.99 euros. What does this mean? That take advantage of a 50% discount, you save about 150 euros on your purchase. It’s certainly a bargain price for this impressive smartwatch, the best buy for your doll. Also, if you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you will have it in your hands in just one day. So you can see how cheap it is, we tell you that the same model has a price of 268.99 euros in PcComponentes.

The TicWatch Pro 3 GPS is a comfortable and resistant watch, with two screens whose use you can insert as you are interested. The power is assured with the Qualcomm processor, which is accompanied by the Wear OS operating system to provide the best experience. In addition, it has a wide autonomyNFC and many more things that we tell you in the following lines.

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS

Buy the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS at a bargain price

What madness: this monstrous watch is 150 euros off, Qualcomm brain and two screens

The TicWatch Pro 3 GPS falls again at a minimum price and is an unbeatable purchase.

Taking on the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS for the first time, we see that it is about a very sturdy watch which also stands out for its beauty. It maintains the design of classic watches, but with a touch of comfort that allows us to wear it even to sleep. In addition, its silicone bracelet is also extremely comfortable, with a touch that imitates quilted leather, but more resistant so that it does not get damaged when doing sports.

Do not be surprised to see that this smartwatch has two screens, it is totally understandable when we give the explanation. On the one hand, it is the AMOLED screen lifelong, the one that allows you to see the content in full color. In this case, it is a panel of 1.4 inches and 454 x 454 pixel resolutionso you can trust that you will see the images with high quality.

The TicWatch Pro 3 GPS is unrivaled if you are looking for a good smart watch for about 150 euros.

Next to this screen we find other FSTN technology panelthat is, it is transparent and its main purpose is to save battery. To do this, the images it shows are in black and white, and it is only dedicated to provide information on essential aspects, such as the time and the remaining battery. If you know that you are going to be without access to the charger for a few days, you can activate this screen so that the battery lasts without problems.

With the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS you will enjoy high performance when running any application. This is possible thanks to the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100who works together with 1 GB of RAM and Wear OS operating system. This last detail means that you can use Google apps on the smartwatch. If we add that it has NFC technology, you can set up Google Pay to insert your bank card and thus be able to pay for any purchase with the watch itself.

TicWatch Pro 3 LTE

The TicWatch Pro 3 has two screens whose use you can alternate.

This high-end model is also very useful for monitoring the physical activity you do. It counts the steps you take each day, in addition to offering you 100 sports modes such as running, swimming, cycling or walking. If the activities are outdoors, the watch itself will take care of recording the route accurately using its gpsyou do not need to carry your mobile phone.

Wearing the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS on your wrist will also allow you to know very important data about your health. Can monitor heart rate for the whole day, measure blood oxygen and even analyze your sleep patterns. Of course, you should keep in mind that this data is not as accurate as specialized medical devices.

The data collected by the watch’s sensors can be analyzed more precisely in the Mobvoi app on your mobile. By connecting the smartwatch to the phone, you can also send and receive calls, and converse without any problem using its microphone and speaker. You can too see the weather information in your citychange the watch face and control music playback from your wrist.

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS

The last thing you should know is that the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS mounts a 577 mAh battery that gives power to use it for about three days at most. As always, the final autonomy depends on the use of each user. If you use the transparent screen, the battery life will extend for weeks.

Remember that you do not have to apply any coupon to take the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS for only 153 euros. The price of this watch varies a lot on Amazon, so take advantage of the offer before it goes up in price again.

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