What the Overwatch 2 video game looks like running on the Nintendo Switch Lite

Overwatch 2 has given much to talk about since its launch, which for many was a complete disaster, but it goes without saying that players who have already had the opportunity to play it are more than delighted with this title from Blizzard Entertainment.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that the changes have suited him so well that they make us see the video game as something completely new, at the same time that we feel very familiar. Yes, it is a strange feeling, but it has us all in a cloud.

Its release also gave fans the ability to install it on their Nintendo Switch console so they can play wherever and whenever they want. Although a video that has been shown to us of a game of the video game has left us a little thinking about what Overwatch 2 looks like running on Nintendo Switch Lite.

An Overwatch 2 gameplay on Nintendo Switch Lite

A YouTube user called Open Surprise has made an amazing Overwatch 2 gameplay, but it’s not just any gameplay, it’s one on the Nintendo Switch Lite handheld console. Thanks to this video we can see both the appearance of the Gallery of Heroes and a complete game on the Hollywood map.

The arrival of certain video games on Nintendo’s handheld console has been, on more than one occasion, a matter of debate. Today I want to start a new one by asking you what do you think of Overwatch 2 on Nintendo Switch Lite? Do you think it looks great or do you think it could have been better?

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