What would happen if a human fell into a black hole?


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NASA missions are always destined for Mars or to explore space, so the chances of a human falling into a black hole are few, but never zero.

Although the chances are low, an astronaut in space can fall into one of these phenomena. Nevertheless, What would happen to the body of a human being if it fell into a black hole?

For the same reason, the Esquire website cited the astrophysicist and science popularizer Becky Smethurst, who wrote what would happen if we fell into a black hole, something that is known as “spaghettification”.

black hole

Smethrust assured that we humans would be subjected to “spaghettification”, that is, “That gravity at your feet would be stronger than at your head and you would stretch out like spaghetti as you fall closer and closer to the black hole. It’s a pretty morbid image.”

“As you get closer to the event horizon, you see the black hole getting bigger and bigger. Black holes produce a strange warping of light that makes them appear larger than they appear”said the expert.

He also added that “You will have all the light of the universe folded in your eyes, for a brief moment.”

“Then, beyond that, we don’t know at all what it would look like, whether it would be incredibly bright in there, whether it would be pitch black, or whether it would look like some other form of matter that we just don’t know about. Because at the moment, according to our understanding of the laws of physics, we have no idea what lies beyond the event horizon”hill.

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