WhatsApp is slowing down your mobile: this is how you can solve it

It is not strange that many end up changing their mobile phone because its storage space fills up and they can no longer use it normally. Often the cause of this is WhatsApp. Despite the fact that the most popular messaging application in the world compresses the photos and videos that we exchange with it, a barrage of messages sustained over time can put many phones to the test.

This journalist, for example, has almost 19 gigabytes of messages on WhatsApp. And that, as happens to many, not all the messages since the account was opened years ago are stored. If we have a phone with a storage of 128 gigabytes or less, WhatsApp may be wreaking havoc on it.

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Intensive use of WhatsApp can ruin the performance of phones with 128 gigabytes or less of storage.

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Let’s keep in mind that when we buy a phone we actually have less memory available than what is indicated. Well, you have to discount the one occupied by the operating system. If we add to that the applications and other data such as the photos or videos that we take with the camera, it is not difficult for phones with 32, 64 or 128 gigabytes to have problems saving the data that we use.

If we also use the phone with little available storage memory, that slows down its operation, since the system must carry out more complex operations to adapt to this situation. For this reason, it is important to keep WhatsApp at bay, because little by little it is devouring space to save data.

Phones with 64 gigabytes or less memory may have problems with WhatsApp

The first thing we must do to free memory in WhatsApp is to check what we are consuming. To do this we must go to the application options and go to Storage and data, there we can consult this data by going to the Manage storage option.

Interesting facts will be shown here. The first of them is the total of the data that we are saving. We will also be informed that elements of more than five megabytes have been saved. We can proceed to clean them. Another section where to make use of the trash can is where it shows us the files that have been forwarded many times.

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Here we can find viral videos or photos that we have received and that we may not be interested in continuing to save. In these last two sections we will see the saved files classified according to what they occupy. This makes it much easier to eliminate those files that consume the most storage.

But in the Storage and data option we can also see something interesting: what the conversations we have with our contacts occupy. In some cases we will see that these occupy several gigabytes. An interesting possibility is to export them in a compressed file that we can save in the cloud and restore them in the future, for example when we have a device with greater capacity.

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Voice memos cannot be deleted like other files

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To do this operation we must go within the WhatsApp configuration options to the Chats option. Once we enter it, we go to the Export chats option. There we select the contact or group that interests us and ask to make a backup. When doing so, it will ask us if we want to save the conversations with files or without them. Obviously, we must select the first option.

Once these operations have been carried out, we will surely have eliminated a large amount of storage space. Now what we are probably looking for will be that WhatsApp does not do its thing again. To avoid this we can do several things. The first of these, and the most important, is to prevent the photos and videos that we receive from being automatically downloaded to the phone.

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To do this we must go in WhatsApp Settings to the Storage and data option and deactivate the download with mobile data or Wi-Fi of photos, videos, audios (voice messages do not count) and documents. We also need to disable the Media File Visibility option.

This will prevent them from being downloaded to the device’s image gallery. Which is a great space saver. Following these tips stretches the phone’s internal memory, extending its useful life. We must also take into account that if we want to exchange a large number of multimedia files with someone, we can change the application.

If we use Telegram and invite the other person to use it, if they do not already do so, we will significantly reduce the amount of data that we exchange with WhatsApp, since Telegram stores the images in a virtual storage space, a kind of own cloud that avoids that the images end up on our device.

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