William Shatner was traumatized by his trip to space

William Shatner was traumatized by his trip to space

Former star actor of Star Trek, actor William Shatner went into space aboard a Blue Origin capsule for a few hours. A year after this experience, he gave himself up, and the experience was terribly sad for him.

Captain Kirk has flown back and forth in space. The trip made the news at the end of 2021: the famous actor of the Star Trek science fiction franchise, William Shatner, then boarded a Blue Origin shuttle (Jeff Bezos’ company). A year later, he confides in his work Boldly Go: Reflections on a Life of Awe and Wonder. Variety magazine published an excerpt in early October.

But what you imagine on his testimony probably does not correspond to what he says: ” Everything I imagined was wrong. Everything I thought I saw was wrong “, he admits himself.

“Overwhelming sadness”

Turning to deep space, William Shatner describes a ” cold, dark and black void “. In total contrast to our planet. ” It was unlike any black you can see or smell on Earth. It was deep, enveloping, encompassing “, he explains. ” I turned back to the house light.

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