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Epic Games Store, the digital distribution store for PC games from the creators of Fortnite, is currently celebrating its Epic MegaSale, an instance full of offers for platform users and that every Thursday will give away a new “mysterious” game.

Last week the users of the Epic Games Store were able to claim and download NBA 2K21 completely free of charge, a title that became the first given away by the company of this Epic MegaSale and a well-known title has recently been released.

Free Game Epic Games Store

Among Us

Among Us is a title developed by Innersloth released for mobile devices and PC in 2018 and that allows you to play from 4 to 10 players in a type of Party game, where players must repair different spaces of the ship by completing small missions, however , within the team there will be 1 or 2 impostors who will be in charge of making the systems fail and eliminating the rest.

Among Us, like all free games on the Epic Games Store to date, will remain free for a week, that is, until June 3, and if we claim it during the promotion, the title will remain forever in our digital libraries.

Although the normal thing in the Epic Games store is to announce the next free game, due to the Epic MegaSale the next title to be given away again will be a mystery and will be revealed on June 3 when it is available.

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