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With the torrid summer we have just experienced, we know how hot a closed car can get hot if parked even for just a few minutes in the sun with the windows closed, let alone after hours. The internal temperature becomes hot and before entering we would just like to cool it down a few degrees. But beware of the most common mistake.

When the ambient temperature, in the shade, is 40 degrees or more, it is clear that several tens of degrees must be added under the sun, which increase the more the stay is prolonged under direct rays, especially if it is the sun. of the central hours of the days, whose rays are perpendicular rather than tangent. An enclosed environment in which the sun’s rays enter, such as the passenger compartment of a car, practically acts as a greenhouse: the heat inside increases and cannot escape. And this parameter is amplified if the car’s paint is black or dark, as we know that these colors absorb more radiation.

Air conditioning

So, when we have to get back in the car, the greatest temptation is to ignite immediately the air conditioner to cool the passenger compartment before we sit down and hit the road. A understandable but totally useless and wrong temptationand we will now explain why.

When a car is parked for an hour under the scorching sun, especially in the summer, the temperature inside the car can reach 80 ° C. In fact, there are testimonies of people who have found damage to electronic components due to extreme heat, such as damaged LCD screens or non-working touch keys. Let’s imagine what could happen to a child or a dog left a few minutes at these temperatures.

However, turning on the air conditioner is a waste of time and energyWhy it fails in the purpose of cooling the car quickly. You have to think that everything inside the car is hot, even the air conditioning ducts and the fresh air volume of the air conditioner is not enough to dispose of all this heat. Furthermore, it takes up to tens of minutes for the air conditioner to reach the desired temperature.

How to properly cool your car in no time

The thing to do in these cases is to open all doors and windows, even the tailgate. In this way, a forced exchange of air will be activated even if there is no wind, since the hot air tends to rise and go where it is cooler. Possibly, you can move the car and park it for a few minutes in the shade so as not to further increase the heat.

In this way, the passenger compartment already loses a dozen or more degrees in a few seconds and it is already possible to sit in the car without risking health consequences or burns from contact with hot parts such as leather seats or the steering wheel.

The second thing to do is, once they set out, continue to keep the air conditioning off and proceed with all windows open. In this way an exchange of air is forced, creating a sort of wind: the volume of air will be important and the internal temperature will drop quickly, going to conform quickly with the external one.

Only at this point does it make sense turn on the air conditioning, but still do not close the windows. The compressor must be given time to compress the gas and generate quite cold air. Also, remember that the ventilation system ducts are still hot, and it will take several minutes for the cold air to cool them down.

Hot car
The car can get very hot if left in the sun for a long time.

Once 5-10 minutes have passedit makes sense to close the windows and enjoy the fresh air of the air conditioning. We quickly reached our goal and saved a lot of fuel, while if we had kept everything closed in the climate, the car would still be hot, you can believe it.

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