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Epic Games Store, the well-known digital PC game store from the creators of Fortnite, has kept its players’ attention during the Epic MegaSale by offering a mysterious free game every week and today it was the turn of the last of this promotion.

Last week the players of the Epic Games Store were able to claim for free and forever, Among Us, a title that due to the conditions of the store promotion, it is no longer possible to claim and a new one has appeared to replace it.

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Free game Epic Games Store June 10


Control, the latest work from Remedy Entertainment and one of the titles most recognized by players, embarks us on a paranormal story, where Jesse Faden must unravel the secrets and clean up the threat plaguing the Control agency, where he can make use of his paranormal powers and a weapon that adapts to different situations.

Like all free games from the Epic Games Store promotion, Control will remain free until June 17, and if we claim it during this period of time, the title will remain forever in our digital libraries.

In turn, and since it is already the last week of the Epic MegaSale, the Epic Games store has announced its next free games that will be available on June 17, which will be Hell is Other Demons and Overcooked 2.

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