Google has just launched a special app to relax: try it for free and online

Google’s latest experiment is an application that allows you to relax using your mobile.

Google has just launched a special app to relax: try it for free and online

Every so often, Google surprises us by launching different experiments with which to test some of its technologies, giving users the ability to test their latest developments in different fields. In that sense, Google Arts & Culture It is one of the platforms where the company most dares to experiment, and every few months it releases new features.

On this occasion, the company has launched a new experiment addressed to help you relax. His name is “In Rhythm With Nature”, and has been developed in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins International Mind and Arts Laboratory. From today, you can try it for free from any of your devices.

Screenshots of the Google app to relax.

The interface of the new Google app aimed at relaxing using the mobile.

In Rhythm With Nature: A Relaxing Experiment With Nature Sounds

As Google itself explains in the announcement, the experiment consists of giving users a tool with which perform relaxation and breathing exercises Anytime, anywhere.

To do this, what they call “a multisensory virtual experience” has been developed, made up of sounds, graphics and animations inspired by flora and fauna.

As soon as you open the experiment, after a brief loading screen, it will be possible switch between different types of animated plant illustrations that exist, and begin relaxation exercises.

When we start, we will see indicators that encourage us to breathe in and out with a leisurely pace. Depending on the time of day the exercises are performed, the animations will be different.

In Rhythm With Nature aims to establish an intimate connection between humans and nature through a series of beautifully crafted breathing exercises timed by flowers opening and closing. In essence, you breathe with flowers that open according to the time of day.

The illustrations are created by hand by the artist anna glover, and were later animated using a graphics engine used in video game development. Different colors have been used represent people’s energy levels throughout the day, and the sound effects follow the Circle of Fifths, a way of arranging the 12 chromatic tones as a sequence that can have a relaxing effect on the mind.

You may try the experiment through the Arts And Culture pageeither through your mobile or from the computer.

In Rhythm with Nature

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