Watch Dogs Legion, is the most recent Ubisoft title that premiered on October 29, a game that invites us to a hyper-technological London, where the population lives in constant threat from different groups that want to take control of the city. .

Our mission in Watch Dogs Legion is to return the city to the people and recruit as many agents as we can, where the entire city will be our playground and also where we can use our hacking skills.

Regarding the latter, something very ironic has happened in Ubisoft, according to a user on 4Chan, the source code of Watch Dogs Legion would have been stolen and leaked by a group of unknown hackers, which contains more than 560GB of compressed information, which possibly soon we will see scattered throughout the network.

But what good is the source code of Watch Dogs Legion?

A source code is the heart of a computer product, for a company like Sony, it would mean leaving vulnerabilities and sensitive structures in the wrong hands, however, for a company like Ubisoft that develops video games, this source code may contain content that was cut before the release of the full game.

It could even contain the content update roadmap, as well as new game modes, mission scripts and a long etc, which could ruin the surprise, marketing and planning of the company regarding the video game.

But also as indicated in DSOGaming, this could involve the development of mods, and the complete violation of the anti-hack system used by the company, which may or may not affect future Ubisoft video games.

We will have to see how all this progresses and where it ends, but it does not seem to be good for the French company.

Watch Dogs Legion is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms, but will soon be available on Xbox Series X|S and Playstation 5 as well.

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