Hideo Kojima shares curious gift from CD Projekt

The famous video game developer shared the strange present on his social networks.

Hideo Kojima is a developer of video game Japanese, known for sponsoring the saga metalgear and his last game Death Stranding.

Kojima He is widely recognized and one of the most beloved faces in the world of gaming, being an inspiration to many.

The game maker shared a gift he received from CD Project, The package had inside a Cup of Cyberpunk: Edgerunner.

This mug is part of a ramen set of limited edition, the package also includes chopsticks that glow and change colordesigned by the artist @Kuvshinov_Ilya who has been working with CD Project.

Other collaborations

A few months ago Ilya was in charge of directing video clip based on the series for the franchise cyberpunkas we can see below:

Edgerunners release their own ramen recipe

On the official site of edgerunners have invited fans to enjoy the series of Netflix beside an Asian-style noodle dish.

And they have even gone further and they have written their own recipe for two people, the instructions can be downloaded from this link.

ramen recipe

Official Cyberpunk Edgerunners Recipe Photo

CD Project is committed

Although it is now in a good situation, one of the biggest problems of Cyberpunk 2077 was his terrible release on consoles.

It was confirmed that the trailer on all platforms it was done only with shots from the PC version of the game and this was evident when testing the game.

version of Xbox Y PlayStation, premiered with lousy graphics, excess of errors and a poor performancewhich made its own Sony Y Microsoft had to make returns.

This is why the company has committed he has tested all his games on consolesto avoid a similar problem as we see in the next video:

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