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EA and Koei Tecmo have revealed how long it lasts in terms of hours Wild Hearts, the new Monster Hunter-style action RPG. The team says they will need approx 30 hours to complete the game story.

Obviously it is one approximate length and, moreover, it does not take into account a possible endgame and the willingness of the players to replay the adventure. We also remember that a game of this type offers various types of weapons and allows you to spend a lot of time learning how to use them and complete secondary missions again and again to obtain materials and enhance the character.

Wild Hearts could then last more than 30 hours for many players, as well as Monster Hunter lasts longer than the time it takes to complete the game story.

In our test we explained to you that “No doubt about it, Koei Tecmo and EA have decided to take the challenge launched to Monster Hunter very seriously, creating a triple A hunting game that has all the ambition to replicate success. of the Capcom series. Wild Hearts is supported by some truly original ideas and what we have seen leaves us optimistic, even if it will be only some aspects of the game, such as its narrative component, the RPG mechanics, but above all the endgame, to decree the The market needs new hunting games, and we can’t wait to find out if the one born between the two edges of the Pacific Ocean will be able to break a monopoly that looks like a Kemono: big, angry. and indestructible. “

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