One of the most discussed topics of recent months continues to be the Digital Terrestrial is the now next switch off to DVB-T2. If you are having problems of any kind, know that there is a possible simple and effective solution

The Italian free television revolution has officially taken hold. With the switch off of the Digital Terrestrial to DVB-T2, citizens residing in Italy will be able to take advantage of a free offer that has never been so rich. Hundreds of channels available both nationally and regionally, with the highest quality available.

digital terrestrial 20221010 mobiles.it
Is Digital Terrestrial giving you more problems than usual? Know that there is a simple and effective method to solve (adobe Stock)

All this, however, entails the need for the latest generation of equipment. Whether it is TV or decoder, you need to have devices at home capable of hooking up all the novelties proposed. There is no lack of reports related to problems that users are experiencing. There is actually a handy solution that could prove effective right away.

Digital Terrestrial, here’s how to solve all vision problems

digital terrestrial 20221010 mobiles.it
Here’s what you need to do to fix the situation right away and watch free TV without hassle (Adobe Stock)

As already mentioned, in order to hook all the latest news designed for the DTT with the switch off to DVB-T2, it is necessary to have a latest generation decoder. We advise you to take a look on Amazon or in the main electronics stores in Italy, also because you can take advantage of the TV scrapping bonus equal to 100 euros. Once you have the device, you need to install it.

First connect one cable to the power supply and the other to the HDMI (or even SCART) socket on your TV. At this point, a screen will pop up for the automatic channel search. Do ‘Ok’ and wait for it to finish. We advise you to do it when the sky is clear, because with bad weather you could run into reception difficulties. Another fundamental aspect is to consent to the automatic numberingso you don’t miss anything.

If you are still experiencing problems with signal reception, it may be worthwhile to purchase a antenna signal amplifier. Or even contact an electrician who will identify the problem and, if necessary, direct the antenna itself in the best possible way. If you follow all of these steps to the letter, you will almost certainly be able to continue watch TV for free and without a hitch. Neither signal nor absence of the channels that should be present by default.

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