This month of January 2021, the first of the year, is almost over and this means that very soon PS4 and PS5 players will know which free games will come to PS Plus in the month of February 2021.

At the moment and as many of you may already know, the free PS Plus games for this month of January 2021 are still active, which are Greedfall, Man Eater, Shadow Of The Tomb Rider and Dawn Of Fear (Spain only) and that will be available until next February 2, 2020.

Although there are still a few days to find out the titles that will arrive for free on PS Plus in the month of February 2021, there is already one confirmed, which will be Destruction All-Stars, a Derby demolition game that was budgeted to be released together with Playstation 5, but it was delayed and will be part of the free games of the month of February.

As for the rest of the games, which we hope will be at least 2 for Playstation 4, in the following article we will mention some of the titles that sound the most through different media, forums, which could probably reach the free games catalog of Playstation Plus for February 2021.

PS Plus Free Games February 2021

Hitman 2

Htiman 3 the latest game from IO Interactive has just been released, this title has an interesting mechanic which will allow you to transfer content and progress from its previous games, so expect Hitman 2 to come free to PS Plus in February, both to promote Hitman 3, as to increase the content of this without having to buy the previous one, it would be quite beneficial.

Far Cry: New Dawn

The Far Cry series has been one of the Ubisoft shooters most loved by consumers, for its freedom and game mechanics and according to Playstation Universe, Far Cry New Dawn, could be in this Playstation Plus catalog for February, due to that an imminent announcement of Far Cry 6 is expected.

Medieval Remake

Last October 2019, Medievil Remake was released, the re-made game where Sir Daniel Fortesque must face different dangers, caught the attention of players, a title that sought to revive the nostalgia of a Playstation classic, this title has sounded loud through Google Trends to arrive on PS Plus in February 2021, which would be an excellent gift for this second month.

A Way Out

The game directed by Josef Fares, a peculiar director who starred in an embarrassing but fun event at The Game Awards against the Oscars, has been attracting attention lately, and not precisely because of this title that was launched in 2018, but because of its upcoming title It Takes Two, which has a release date for this year and could lead to A Way Out coming to PS Plus as a free-to-play game in February 2021.

When will the PS Plus free games be announced for February 2021?

Sony is an entity of custom, where Playstation Plus and its free games are no exception, each month the last Wednesday of the same is chosen for the announcement of the games of the following month and this time as there is no type of calendar lock , we expect the announcement to be on January 27, 2021.

Finally, we invite you to know ALL the free games that Playstation Plus has given during these 10 years, a list that here at Cajadebotin, we update every month, to have as a reference when consulting the titles that are given away every month.

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