PS5 Stolen in Chile Start Appearing on Rrss at a Third of Its Original Price



A few days ago it was learned that a truck carrying PS5 consoles in Chile was stolen, which left hundreds of people who pre-ordered their console, without the opportunity to obtain it for the day of its launch, which in the country was budgeted for the 19 of November.

From the Falabella company they regretted the fact and informed their clients that they will have to wait until the next shipment of Playstation, which is planned for December 15.

However, and as we mentioned in the previous note, the consoles have begun to appear in informal commerce, through a publication made on Facebook, we can see how the PS5 consoles are sold at a third of their value.

The ones we can see in the images, where the owner of the publication mentions that “they fell off a truck”, the PS5 consoles are offered at a flat of $200,000 CLP ($253 USD), which when compared to the official sale price, that is, $649,990 CLP ($822 USD), results in a derisory offer.

However, according to ├ôscar Bacovich, head of the PDI’s Robbery and Criminal Intervention Investigative Brigade (Biro Incri), it is not difficult for the police to find these items, since apart from the serial number, that is registered with Customs, they need to be connected to the Internet, so a database match would give them the exact location of these items.

So despite the offer of PS5 consoles being tempting, the call is not to acquire them, since it could be more risky for the buyer, than for the one who stole them in the first place.

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