shipments increased by 400% in the US, Xbox good too, Nintendo bad -

According to data shared by David Gibson, senior analyst at MST Financial, the PS5 shipments in the United States they have increased considerably in recent months, even recording a + 400% on an annual basis in September 2022. Although to a lesser extent, shipments of Xbox consoles also increased, while those of Nintendo Switch fell.

The graphs below relate to shipments by sea. As we can see from July the distribution of Sony consoles has increased dramatically, which obviously also means greater ease for consumers to be able to buy PS5 in stores.

As for the consoles Xboxaccording to Gibson’s estimates, shipments have increased considerably since August, registering + 89% on an annual basis in September.

Nintendo, on the other hand, has reduced its supplies of Switch in the USA starting from June, registering a -59% on an annual basis. Gibson, however, points out that the Kyoto company has increased production of its console and is preferring air shipments, so these figures certainly do not offer a complete picture.

After two years of slowdowns in the production of current generation consoles due to the semiconductor crisis and the shortage of other materials, the situation has been improving in recent months.

This positive trend was also confirmed by Christopher Dring of who said that the availability of PS5 in stores in September was “surprisingly good” worldwide.

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