Starfield: Ray-tracing, special artwork, massive team... the exclusive Xbox is making headlines again!

Game news Starfield: Ray-tracing, special artwork, massive team… the exclusive Xbox is making headlines again!

It’s been a few weeks since we talked about Starfield, the “Skyrim in space” developed by Bethesda, and which has been relatively discreet since the end of August. But that was without taking into account the speech of a former developer, World Space Week, or even a LinkedIn mention.

Starfield: the promise of a huge space action-rpg

Announced several years ago, Starfield is the next big game from Bethesda Games Studios, which should then follow up with The Elder Scrolls VI. We can build its bases and its shipparticipate in and influence the in-game economy, explore multiple planets, battle enemies on the ground or in space, track a complex history between different factions and, of course, explore at will to flush out secrets, equipment or even discover many secondary scripted quests.

Starfield: Ray-tracing, special artwork, massive team... the exclusive Xbox is making headlines again!

First expected for November 11, 2022, Starfield has finally been pushed back to 2023 by Bethesda so as not to make the same mistakes as CD Projekt with Cyberpunk 2077. In the end, we saw very little Starfield, the developers having mainly highlighted artworks, the universe of the game, the music, the creation of the quests or the size of the main city. We were, however, entitled to a good quarter of an hour of gameplay last Junethe opportunity to see the game running, to discover the fights in FPS view, the exploration of a base, space combatand customization.

On this occasion Todd Howard indicated that we could explore a hundred systems, with about 1000 planets. The main story should last between 30 and 40 hours, but we already know that the most curious will spend hundreds or even thousands of hours there, to which will probably be added thousands of mods.

Half a thousand developers on Starfield?

Starfield: Ray-tracing, special artwork, massive team... the exclusive Xbox is making headlines again!

In August, composer Inon Zur indicated that Starfield will be much bigger than Fallout 76 and Skyrim. We speak, for the total of explorable surfaces, of twice the size of the post-apo multigame, and 8 times the map dimensions of Skyrim. A project of such magnitude obviously requires a lot of people, and this seems to confirm Nate Purkeypile, former Bethesda developer, at PCGamesN. The latter worked for 14 years at Bethesdaand states that Starfield is the biggest project he has seen at Bethesda, and that it has involved several hundred people:

The scale of this project is the main difference, as Fallout 3, Skyrim, and Fallout 4 were all made by one team. Fallout 76 was mostly two teams, we had some help from Montreal, but it was mostly studios in Austin and Maryland working together. But yeah, Starfield is a much bigger project, there are about 500 people on the team, whereas I think Fallout 76 had maybe 200, at most.

A major job, which finally prompted the former developer to set up on his own. He mentions in particular extremely long discussions on all the detailswhich must be thought out to create coherence in the universe:

There aren’t always solutions for how things should look. It can be so many things like the shape of the metal panels. How to screw things together? What colors do we use? What are the materials used ? How to tell the difference between all these areas? It’s a lot harder than if you asked me to do another “live” game. You have to figure it all out, and there’s all this extrapolated fiction to figure out too. You’d be shocked at how many metal panels they did during the conceptualization.

Ray-tracing in Starfield for an even more striking universe?

Starfield: Ray-tracing, special artwork, massive team... the exclusive Xbox is making headlines again!

Bethesda hasn’t released any details yet about Starfield’s rendering or the technologies used, but it looks like ray-tracing is in the game to give justice to space and to the planets that we can explore. The information was not disclosed by the studio, but we find it traced on the LinkedIn profile of a graphics programmer called Germain Mazac. Trained at ENJMIN, he notably worked for Asbo, Gameloft and Behavior Interactive before moving to Bethesda in 2015.

On his page, he describes his various missions on Skyrim and Fallout 76, but also on Starfield. We learn that he works on Physically Based Rendering (images rendered with lighting corresponding to the real world), indirect lighting, but also and above all on integration of NVIDIA’s RTX technology. In all likelihood, Starfield should therefore offer Ray-tracing.

While waiting for a release date, some artworks made by artists!

Starfield: Ray-tracing, special artwork, massive team... the exclusive Xbox is making headlines again!

But the studio does not leave us completely without news since on the occasion of the World Space Week, the persons in charge entrusted to Poster Possean artistic production agency, the care of creating unpublished posters for Starfield. The result is striking, and we should be entitled to new images every day of the week. For the time being, four artworks have been posted, and we can decently say that they are very successful, taking up the very colorful and very 70s style of the artistic direction of the game from Bethesda. Finally, remember that Starfield is expected in 2023 on PC and Xbox Series, and that it will integrate the Game Pass upon release, like all Microsoft first party games.

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