The European Space Agency exposed how and when will be the end of life on Earth

Various scientists detailed how the life of the Sun will be in the future, which ultimately determines how much time Earth has left. Learn more details below.

One of the mysteries that most worries scientists has to do with the time in which the Earth will be present in the universe. That is why various calculations have been made to be able to anticipate this phenomenon, and one of them has the Sun as its protagonist.

Through a report, various scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA) carried out an investigation detailing how the process of the end of the Sun’s activity will be.

In relation to the above, the scientists detail that the star is in its main sequence phase, that is, where the core manages to transform hydrogen into helium, which generates energy expressed in the form of brightness and heat.

The end of the Sun?

Based on data from ESA’s Gaia space probe, the time when the Sun reaches its end or the end of its main sequence will be between the next 10 and 11 billion years.

It is important to note that the Solar System is approximately 4.5 billion years old, which means that the Sun is in its half-life.

The end of life on Earth?

When the Sun is reaching its end, the Earth would have a direct consequence, a considerable increase in temperatures, which would make life on our planet unviable, since the heat would evaporate the water.

But according to scientists, this event could occur within 8,000 million years. They also add that in relation to this point, the Sun will increase in size by 10%, which would lead to a considerable increase in temperature that would be detrimental to human life.

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