The first iPhone model made history, becoming a precious collector’s item. In some cases with monstrous figures

It is in the pockets (or purses, due to the extra-large size of the Plus and Max versions) of many, thanks to its reliability and the excellent ecosystem based on an effective interchange of hardware and software. L’iPhone continues to grind important sales numbers, leading the telephony sector which, especially in the Android field, is not at all to look at, with numbers and characteristics that are in some cases too strong.

IPhone 2G
IPhone 2G (eBay screenshot)

That sector of telephony that Apple itself has been able to transform many years ago with the transition (historical but in retrospect fits perfectly) from the old-fashioned mobile phone to the smartphone. And if the telephony market has offered in the past some unforgettable models for their technical or simply physical qualities (think of the indestructible Nokia 3310), even the first iPhone it therefore deserves to be registered in the special ranking of devices that have been able to “read” in advance the evolution of the market and, in particular, set trends.

L’iPhone 2G in short, it made history and it is no coincidence that it continues to be a protagonist in the second-hand market, attracting the attention of collectors. The figures proposed are very variable, inevitably conditioned by the state of the device, its normal operation and the presence or absence of the original accessories (box, packaging and wiring).

While not difficult to find iPhone 2G at competitive prices, in some cases the proposed figures have reached unimaginable numbers. Almost out of business. A bit like the historic Apple-1 with handwritten serial number by Steve Jobs, which appeared just a few months ago on the most famous online market in the world.

iPhone 2G on eBay at a price (too much) monstre

IPhone 2G
Apple (Unsplash)

L’iPhone 2G proposed by a private seller on eBay even reached an auction price over 2 thousand euros. The model, marked by the technical code A1203, dates back to the now distant 2007, when an illuminating Steve Jobs radically changed the mobile market, putting aside the old cell phones of the past, characterized above all by large battery and telephone reliability. The CEO of Apple himself remarked, during the presentation phase, the potential of the software, considered even five years ahead of the competition.

L’iPhone 2G was officially presented January 9, 2007 at Macworld Conference & Expo. Featuring a 3.5-inch multi-touch display, the iPhone sports a Home button below the screen, while the back is embellished with an anodized aluminum frame, with a plastic base needed to propagate the Wi-Fi signal transmission.

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