Xbox console unveiled (by mistake) for streaming games

Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, would have unintentionally unveiled the new Xbox console for the streaming game that bears the code name of Keystone.

The Xbox at the top of the shelf

Spencer posted a photo on Twitter to celebrate 25 years of Bethesda’s video game series Fallout. The image depicts the shelves of the Xbox boss’s office full of objects related to the world of video games, and among these appears a very small device similar to an Xbox Series S that could be the console designed by Microsoft for streaming gaming.

And the response from the official Xbox account on Twitter seems to clear the field of doubt, because it says: “What did we say about putting the old prototypes on the shelf, boss?

That Microsoft was working on such a console was no mystery. Phil Spencer and Satya Nadella had said it clearly in June last year and in May of this year other indirect confirmations had arrived.

The console on Spencer’s shelf is just the right size to fit a device tasked with streaming video games, then using the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform available with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and which recently also arrived on Samsung TVs. of 2022.

Games can also be played in Game Pass on Samsung TVs of 2022: the Xbox app debuts in the Gaming Hub

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