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We are already approaching mid-October, and Xbox Game Pass releases continue to roll in. After the arrival of Medieval Dynasty and the two seasons of PC Game Pass last week, today three new games are joining the service.

Costume Quest is available now while Coral Island and Eville will be playable later today. These last two games are available day one in the service.

Remember that you can always find the list of Xbox Game Pass games coming this month in our full article.

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Costume Quest (Cloud & Console)

Rediscover Halloween in this original RPG imagined by Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions studios. Explore the monster-infested district of La Pinède, the Arrière-Saison Shopping Center and the Autumn Leaves Funfair. In your quests, collect magical costumes with superpowers, surprising weapons and special items. Level up your heroic warrior and face terrible opponents in this epic adventure to save Halloween!

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Eville (Console & PC)

Betray your friends and lie to win. The multiplayer social deduction game Eville takes you to a village where murders are linked together. Some say it was you…is it? Convince others of your innocence to survive!

Inspired by popular deduction board games such as Les Loups-Garous, Eville renews the concept with real-time gameplay and interactions. Take on the role of a villager or conspirator and take action when no one is watching. Place observers to spy on other players or roam the village to enter houses and kill your victims. You have to communicate with other players and prove your innocence. Take advantage of skills unique to your role and help your team survive.

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Coral Island (PC)

Coral Island is a colorful and relaxing game that reinvents the farm simulation. Be whoever you want and live at your own pace on an island paradise. Cultivate, take care of animals, interact with locals and make your world more lively and harmonious.

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